Earning Cap/Mechanics

Solo Mode has both a Daily Energy Cap and Daily Token Cap that limit the amount of Energy and DEPP that users can have per day.

Daily Energy Cap

Users start the game with NFT Sneakers and the Basic Energy Cap. To start earning, user will need Energy. Users can increase their Energy Cap by holding more Sneakers. The Max Energy Caps is 20/20.

How Energy Works

Each 5-minute movement cost 1 Energy. Energy will be restored by 25% every 6 hours until maxed out.
Basic Energy:
Users can increase their Energy Cap by holding more sneakers
Number of Sneaker Held
Basic Energy
Bonus Energy:
Users get Bonus Energy Cap by holding Epic or Legendary Sneakers
  • Hold an Epic Sneaker: +1 Bonus Energy
  • Hold a Legendary Sneaker: +2 Bonus Energy
Eg. 1 Common + 1 Epic = 2 Basic Energy (Hold 2 Sneakers) + 1 Bonus Energy (Hold 1 Epic Sneaker) = 3 Energy in Total
1 Epic + 1 Common + 1 Legendary = 4 Basic Energy (Hold 3 Sneakers) + 3 Bonus Energy (Hold 1 Epic + 1 Legendary Sneaker) = 7 Energy in Total

Daily DEPP Cap

Users start the game with a 5/5 Daily DEPP Cap. The Daily Token Cap maxes out at 300 DEPP. Users can increase their Daily Token Cap by leveling up their Sneakers.

Solo Mode Earning Mechanics

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