Solo Mode

Once you own an NFT Sneaker, you can start to get rewards easily by moving, and you will need energy for your Move-to-earn journey. Every 1 energy is equivalent to 5 minutes of your moving, and only once you have done your sneaker purchasing.
To start, users choose a Sneaker and press the Start button.Then the Walking and Running buttons will appear on the top of the screen.


Due to the loss/ weakness of your GPS/ Internet connection or the user is not moving properly, this will be shown which leads to the energy loss (depends on the cases) and no DPM earnings.

GPS Signal

No GPS with White, Poor GPS with red and green illustrates a capable GPS Signal


Always be aware of your energy before taking any physical movements because you can’t earn any tokens without it. There are four main factors of DEPP MOVE compensation:
  1. 1.
    Sneaker Type: Each sneaker will help you obtain a different amount of $DEPP. You can read more about the individual breakdown of each sneaker in the Sneaker Properties Section.
  2. 2.
    The Efficiency Attribute of the Sneaker: The higher the Efficiency, the more $DEPP/min you take.
  3. 3.
    Moving Speed: To get the most rewards, users should move at the ideal speed of their shoes’ ideal speed. Your profit will drop by up to 90% if you slip outside of this range (this also depends on the difference in speed with range)
*When the energy is out, no more token is earned. Users can keep moving or exit the Solo mode.